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Turnkey Solutions Include Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing. We work on Dust Collector Fans,

Paint Booth Fans,  Industrial Oven Fans,  Waste Water Treatment Blowers, Manufacturing Process Fans, More.

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We offer complete maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair services on most types of industrial fans. We have the knowledge and experience required to troubleshoot and correct all fan problems. We work with fan manufacturers and reps when necessary to provide innovative solutions and quick response to the needs of customers in a wide array of industries.  

All fans require regular maintenance to give optimal and dependable service.  Proper lubrication and periodic inspection will increase the reliability of your fan and is especially important if a failure can shut  down your operation. 

Many times we have seen bearings replaced when the fan becomes noisy - only to find the problem still exists. This is because the problem was not with the bearings themselves,  the fan was shaking and noisy due to being out of balance. We have even seen the complete fan replaced because unbalance was not identified and corrected. 

Sometimes the bearings fail because of unbalance and will only fail again prematurely if this condition is not corrected.  The noise you hear may be just an out of balance condition that can be corrected before damage occurs.


Why call us?  What sets us apart?

Turnkey Solutions - our ability to address all of your fan maintenance & repair needs from start to finish

New England SpinTech has more combined experience than anyone in the area. Our solutions are cost effective because we have the ability to identify what the problem is before any work is started.

After repairs or during inspections, laser alignment can be performed on couplings and belts as applicable. Belt tension can be properly set to prevent slipping or over tightening that will cause premature component wear or bearing failure. 

Vibration readings can be taken to confirm repairs were made properly and if needed, the fan can be balanced and returned to service with no residual issues. You can be confident your fan is ready to run and last for years of dependable service.

Fans repaired and balanced at your site or in our shop      Request for Quote

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