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Precision Laser Alignment Services                                                           Request for Quote


New England SpinTech is a leading provider of Laser Alignment services in the New England region. If misalignment is left uncorrected, unnecessary stress can be put on bearings, seals, and other components resulting in premature failure.  A precision laser alignment will also increase the efficiency of the machine, which will use less energy and result in substantial cost savings in utility bills. In experienced hands lasers are much quicker and will result in a more accurate alignment.  We use high quality Easy Laser alignment tools. Located in central Massachusetts our service area includes all of New England.                   


 Call the alignment professionals:

           "From a Domestic Hot Water Pump to a Wind Turbine Gearset (below), we routinely align them all"

  Wind Turbine Nacelle    wind turbine nacelle  

                                 Wind Turbine Nacelle                                                                   Wind Turbine Nacelle



Our Capacity:

For larger installation jobs or if you have limited time to complete a project, we have the capacity to send up to four alignment technicians (or four alignment teams for extra large machines). 


Our Precision Laser Alignment Services are Performed on Horizontal & Vertical Pumps, Gearboxes, Motor & Generator Sets, Drive Belts, Driveshafts, All Tpes of Motors, Cooling Towers, Fans and Blowers, Elevator Sets, Centrifuges, Chillers, Sheaves, Pulleys, and Sprockets, Wind Turbine Gearboxes, all mechanical systems

                             Shaft Alignment  

                         Specializing in all Shaft Alignment projects                             Belt Alignment - more critical than you think!


Laser alignment is not limited to new installations.  When constant thermal growth and cooling takes place or there are frequent high torque starts and stops, alignment can change.

Because of this, an annual laser alignment check is recommended for all critical equipment


An accurate laser alignment will:

  •          Increase bearing life
  •          Reduce stress on couplings and thereby the risk of over heating and wear
  •          Reduce wear on seals, helping to prevent contamination and lubricant loss
  •         Reduce friction and thereby energy consumption
  •         Reduce noise and vibration
  •         Increase machine uptime, efficiency, and productivity
  •         Reduce maintenance costs
  •         Reduce or eliminate lost production time, shaft breakage, and quality problems


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