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                        Many Years of Combined Vibration Analysis Experience By Our Certified Engineers and Technicians Will                                                                                                     Identify and Correct Problems before Failure             


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Predictive Maintenance Services

At New England SpinTech we specialize in predictive maintenance solutions for customers in a wide range of businesses and organizations. Our Predictive Maintenance Service is used by power plants, manufacturing plants, hospitals, colleges, water treatment plants, biotech and pharmaceutical industries, and much more. Our predictive maintenance service can be performed on bearings, gear boxes, pumps, fans and shafts, and more to accurately assess their condition based on the vibration, heat, and noise.

Predictive Maintenance services are generally performed while the machines are in service, minimizing or eliminating downtime. The data levels are then compared with baseline and industry standards to trend and determine the severity of the problem. This data can indicate where and when failures may occur. Accurately assessing and interpreting the data is a complex process that requires specially trained, experienced technicians. By identifying the location, frequency, and severity of the problem we can recommend actions to take before a failure occurs. Acceptance Testing (the process of recording baseline data when equipment is new or newly rebuilt) will identify the initial machine condition before it is put into service or the warranty expires. When followed by a properly scheduled Predictive Maintenance Program, the condition of your machinery will always be known allowing you to address pending problems before a failure occurs.

Choosing your Predictive Maintenance Partner

As knowledge spreads, vibration analysis and other predictive maintenance technologies are becoming more and more popular, and rightly so – they work.  With this new awareness it seems that many different types of companies are now offering these services to their customers.  This makes choosing a proper partner more and more challenging.  Below are some things to consider when choosing the best way to incorporate Predictive Maintenance into your maintenance strategies and help you manage your maintenance costs.  Here are a few things to consider.

Do it yourself.  Setting up an internal program may seem like the best way at first, but consider these facts. Training and experience can literally take years.

  • You may hire someone already trained but that person could leave – along with your Predictive Maintenance program.
  • Even loyal long term employees can be out of work for an extended period of time for various reasons. Can this derail your program?
  • Are you aware of the time and expense it takes to bring your program up to speed? 


Outsource your program.  This is a choice that more and more maintenance professionals are considering.  This is the most popular option but there are still important issues you should consider.

  • Is the company I choose truly committed to predictive maintenance or is this just an add-on service offered because of the increase in the popularity of these services? 
  • Does this company have a team of highly trained individuals to support my ongoing program AND emergency needs?  Or are their services dependent on only one or two people?
  • Do they know mechanical systems, know the inner workings of machinery to understand and diagnose your problems accurately?

New England SpinTech is in the Reliability and Maintenance Services business. It is our only business so we have no distractions that take away from the quality of the services we offer.  Our sole focus is providing the best services possible. We are based right here in New England with a large staff of trained and certified professionals.  We know machinery and understand the problems we see. Our knowledge and experience is extensive and unsurpassed.  We do not travel the world or the country, all of our energy and dedication to our customers stays right here in the northeast.

Our Predictive Maintenance Services can be performed without interfering with your day to day operations

New England SpinTech also offers professional installation of permanently installed vibration sensors and remote vibration monitoring systems. This is an option to be considered when equipment is tested frequently, and safety or quality control issues prevent direct access to a machine during operation. These sensors can also be incorporated into our remote monitoring programs that eliminate the need to travel to your site for data collection.

In addition to our predictive maintenance services, we provide dynamic balancing, laser alignment, machine maintenance and repair, lubrication services, and visual mechanical inspections. To learn more please click the request for quote button or contact us directly.


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