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Permanently mounted vibration sensors can be connected to a junction box mounted near the equipment for faster and safer data collection significantly reducing on-site labor for Predictive Maintenance Programs. They can be also be connected to our remote monitoring system where we can access the data remotely from our office and other remote locations. The vibration data can also be accessed both ways when necessary.

                                             New England SpinTech Has the Experience to Install and Set Up These Systems

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Installation of Remote Vibration Sensors for All Facilities
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Installation of Remote Vibration Sensors for All Facilities
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Installation of Remote Vibration Sensors for All Facilities

The remote data collection system we install is a permanently mounted vibration data collection solution.  It is ideal for machines that require more frequent monitoring than can be achieved via walk around data collection.

The system enables you to collect data more cost effectively, in a more timely fashion, and with improved accuracy compared to walk around portable routines. It enables you to safely monitor machines in dangerous and inaccessible environments.                   

With this system you can easily schedule measurements in the most inaccessible environments and remotely monitor the health of your critical assets 24/7.  This system can be set to automatically alert you (and us} via email to changes signaling potential problems and avoid costly downtime. The device connects directly into the LAN / WAN network within your plant.  Single user PC or network-capable, this solution is easily expandable and can be as big or as small as you require.  As your monitoring needs increase, you can simply plug in additional modules.

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